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The Most Effective Natural HGH Product

"The Maximum Result HGH Complex formula is unequaled by any natural product I have ever seen. It changes patients lives. They are losing weight, getting stronger and sleeping better. They also tell me that they have more energy, increased sex drive and performance, and their skin looks more youthful. Bottom line, it makes you look and feel healthier and younger. You will not find a better product."

Dr. Michelle, D.C.
20 Years of Experience with Natural Products
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HGH provides amazing age reversing benefits
New England Journal of Medicine
Shed Bodyfat and Increase Bodyfat
Clearly the Best

"I was in private practice for 44 years and am now retired and trying to stay as active as I possibly can. I've been searching for a long time for products or supplements that would help me and I hit a brick wall. Then I found Maximum Result HGH Complex. My strength is up 15-20%, I can do things in the gym that I couldn't do before and this increase in strength has carried over into my daily life and made things much easier for me. It's a great product and clearly the best I've used."

Dr. Kenneth Woolsey
Over 40 Years of Medical Experience
Doctors & Medical Practitioners Agree
Take a Decade Off Your Face
"Growth hormone is the only anti-aging treatment known that actually makes people look younger. Even creams and lotions that contain antioxidants like vitamins E, A, or C, retinoic acid, or fruit acids... do not stop the skin from sagging and sinking. [Only] growth hormone therapy can take a decade or more off your face."
Dr. Ronald Klatz
President, American Academy
of Anti-Aging Medicine
From His Book, "Grow Young With HGH"
Reverse the Signs of Aging 10-20 Years
"The effects of 6 months of human growth hormone on lean body mass and adipose tissue were equivalent in magnitude to the changes incurred during 10-20 years of aging."
Daniel Rudman, M.D.
New England Journal of Medicine
HGH Tells the Body to Get Rid of Fat
"HGH is unlike any other method designed to take off fat because it works with your body, not against it. When you go on a diet, you almost always gain the weight right back because you haven't changed the hormonal message that tells your body to store fat. HGH changes the message. It tells the body to get rid of the fat."
Dr. Edmund Chein
Famed HGH Researcher
HGH is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
"If you give someone HGH you improve the collagen synthesis and increase the muscle mass under the wrinkles. You are really doing medical cosmetic plastic surgery. However, unlike a face-lift or chemical peel, the hands, feet and all the skin of the body experience age reversal."
Dr. Edmund Chein
Famed HGH Researcher
5 Reasons Why Doctors Choice HGH
Most Effective, Safest, Clinically Tested Natural HGH Formula Available

Unlike other products that are jumping on the HGH bandwagon with virtually no scientific research or safety precautions, Maximum Result HGH Complex is based on over 200 years of medical science.

And, unlike virtually every other HGH product on the market, we proved it. In a clinical study testing the Maximum Result HGH Complex formula, 93% of all participants showed proven, measurable benefits and results in JUST 45 DAYS! If you can find a natural product that beats our 93% effectiveness rating in just 45 days, buy it. (But don't waste your time searching for it because it doesn't exist).

Maximum Result HGH Complex is completely safe with no adverse side effects and is formulated using the highest quality ingredients.

Chosen Top HGH Product By Doctors, Medical Practitioners 
& Multiple Anti-Aging Experts

Any company can (and will) tell you how great their product is. We prefer to let doctors, medical professionals and experts from numerous areas of anti-aging do our talking for us. Experts from all of the following fields have determined that Maximum Result HGH Complex is the BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET, BAR NONE:

Doctors, Nurses, Personal Trainers, Licensed Skin Care Experts

Additionally, people whose livelihood depends on a youthful appearance or their ability to physically perform at the highest levels agree that there is no better product on the market:

World Champion & Professional Athletes, Entertainment Industry Professionals, Models

Last but not least, journalists from top magazines have researched the natural HGH area and come to the same conclusion that Maximum Result HGH Complex is the number one product on the market. And none of these doctors, experts, professionals or journalists have any financial interest in the company nor were any of them paid for their endorsement.

Unprecedented 90-Day Risk Free Moneyback Guarantee!

We're so confident in our product that we're willing to let you try it at NO RISK. We take the risk for you by offering an unprecedented 90-Day moneyback guarantee, the longest in the entire industry. While other companies offer no guarantee or shorter, conditional guarantees, we stand behind our product as the best in the industry because we know that it works.

Over 12 Million Servings Delivered & Still Counting!

We have been in the natural HGH business since 1999, longer than ANY OTHER company in the market. Over that time we've seen dozens and dozens of inferior products and fly-by-night companies come and go while tens of thousands of our customers have taken over 12 MILLION SERVINGS of Maximum Result HGH Complex. When you do business with us, you can be sure that we'll be here for you with the top formula on the market and premium customer service for years and years to come.

Only Highest Quality Pharmaceutical-Grade Ingredients

Every active ingredient in the Maximum Result HGH Formula has been tested extensively to identify the best strength and dosage to trigger the strongest, safest response by the body, thereby maximizing HGH production and offering optimum health and anti-aging benefits.

After significant research and development, we discovered 6 synergistic ingredients that make the Maximum Result HGH Complex the premiere natural HGH and anti-aging product on the market today.

Doctors Choice HGH Ingredients

These six ingredients have been scientifically tested and proven in the medical literature to provide an amazing spectrum of anti-aging benefits including shredding bodyfat, dramatic improvements in energy, strength, quality of sleep, muscle tone, sexual benefits, mental clarity and improved condition of skin and hair.

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Success Stories From Actual Maximum Result HGH Complex Users!
Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life
"The Maximum Result formula is simply incredible. It's helped me get in the best shape of my life and gives me great energy with no jitters, no crash afterwards and I sleep soundly and feel great when I wake up. I do not believe there is a better product available in the marketplace and I can't imagine my life without it."
Sandra RanalliSandra Ranalli
Critical Care Unit
Registered Nurse,
UCLA Medical Center
Get Smoother & Younger Skin
"As a writer and editor of many popular magazines, I've always been skeptical about 'miracle in a bottle solutions'. That's how I felt about HGH until my doctor recommended Maximum Result as the best on the market.

I am now a believer. I've dropped 20 pounds and gone from a size 12 to a size 6. My body looks more toned and sculpted and my skin looked younger and smoother almost immediately. I am enthusiastically recommending Maximum Result HGH Complex to everyone I know."
Karen DistefanoKaren Distefano
Writer & Editor,
"Good Housekeeping," "Fit,"
"Woman's Day," & "Health
For Women"
Melt Bodyfat & Increase 
"I have degrees in both biology and chemistry and have worked with clients for over 10 years as a top personal trainer. This is, by far, the best product I've found to get into great shape, lose bodyfat and tone I feel like it has melted my bodyfat, especially from my midsection, and I am leaner now than I've ever been in my life." Never experienced anything like it."
Eryk BuiEryk Bui
National USA
Bodybuilding Champion,
Personal Trainer &
Nutritional /
Fitness Consultant
The Medical Proof of the Effectiveness of HGH Is Undeniable!
Lose Weight With HGH
  • The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine published a double-blind study revealing that those using HGH for six months lost an incredible 14.4% of their bodyfat and gained 8.8% in lean muscle tone without diet or exercise.
  • In a six-month study done at St. Thomas Hospital in London, England showed even better results when HGH reduced fat by approximately 20% and increased lean muscle tissue by 10.8%.
  • In only five weeks of HGH use in a double-blind crossover study, women experienced an average loss of more than 4.6 pounds of body fat while experiencing more than a 5% increase in lean muscle tissue.
  • A six month study showed that adults lost 20% of their total bodyfat using HGH while their abdominal fat decreased by an amazing 30%!
  • Two months of HGH usage typically show an average 23-30% reduction in the love handles.
Actual Maximum Result User
Look Years Younger with HGH
  • HGH stimulates the activation of skin proteins like collagen and elastin, which form the foundation of your skin.
  • Our body goes from being made up of about 90% water when we have smooth baby skin to as low as 40% as we age. "This drying out of the body is reversed almost immediately with HGH" - Dr. Elmer Cranton
  • As we age, our skin becomes papery thin and loses its firm texture. However, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that six months of HGH use increased skin thickness 7.1%.
Increase Energy, Strength & Performance
  • The famous Palm Springs Life Extension Study noted a whopping 84% improvement.
  • Researchers in London also found HGH had a dramatic effect in increasing energy and a sense of well being.
  • Swedish researchers noted that within a few weeks of HGH usage people had increased energy levels, better mood, greater concentration and improved memory.
  • In the famous Palm Springs Study, a whopping 88% noted improvement in strength while another 81% noted improvement in exercise capability.
  • Another six month, double-blind study out of London showed that those using HGH had greater increases in strength and exercise performance. Their VO2 max, a measurement of lung capacity and cardiovascular endurance, increased 17% more than the non-HGH users in the study.
Actual Maximum Result User
Have Better Sex With HGH
  • In a clinical study of over 200 individuals, over 75% of the men reported improvement in sexual potency and frequency, while 62% reported longer lasting erections.
  • "In interviews with people who use HGH for anti-aging purposes, almost everyone, male and female, reports improvements in libido and sexual function. Women on HGH therapy report increased libido, heightened pleasure, and multiple orgasms."
More Success Stories From Actual Maximum Result HGH Complex Users!
Get Supple, Firmer & More Toned Skin
"As a skin care expert for over 12 years working with top dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills as well as A-list Hollywood elite clients and professional athletes, my quest has been to provide them with the best possible skin care. After researching many HGH options, the clear winner was Maximum Result HGH Complex. I use it myself and love it. I feel great, my energy is up and I look healthier and more vibrant. I've also had to get my haircut more frequently as my hair is growing thicker and faster. Supple, firm, toned skin starts from the inside and Maximum Result achieves just that. You look and feel better that offers a positive domino effect enhancing your whole life."
Sandra RanalliErika Janes
Licensed Esthetician,
Skin Care Rejuvenation
Specialist &
Professional Athlete
Look & Feel Healthier & 
More Vibrant
"I used Maximum Result HGH for several months and got great results. Then, after much travel I neglected to stay on the product. After a few months, I felt and looked lousy. The vibrant and health look and increased energy I had was gone. I never realized just how much this product changed my life until it got out of my system. I'm back on Maximum Result and am thankful to be getting the same incredible results, but faster than before! My energy is up, my bodyfat is down and I feel alive again. Trust me, I won't be going without it ever again!"
Frank MeniaciFrank Meniaci
Television Producer
Shed Bodyfat While Reducing 
Facial Wrinkles
"Because my daughter has been on Growth Hormone therapy for 2 years, I find the subject very interesting, but I've never taken supplements aside from multivitamins. However, after trying Maximum Result HGH Complex and trying the product, I was impressed with the results. Two sprays, three times a day is easy enough. I can say that it really has leaned me out and reduced the wrinkles starting to form around my eyes, and my skin overall feels smoother and tighter."
Debbie BaigrieDebbie Baigrie
Editor-in-Chief & Publisher,
"Natural Muscle Magazine"
Read Before Buying ANY HGH Product
Clinically-Proven Delivery System for Maximum Absorption
Researching and developing the best product on the market is the first step in getting your best results, not the last. Absorption is everything because how much of the formula gets into the bloodstream determines whether you will get anything out of it. According the highly respected Physician's Desk Reference, our Intra Oral Spray Sublingual Delivery System is the best on the market with a 90% absorption rate while pills are less than 10%! Again, here's the proof:
"It is a proven fact that when you swallow a pill, less than 10% of the nutrient actually gets into the blood stream. The other 90% is processed by the gastrointestinal tract as waste. Oral absorption through the lining of the mouth is the preferred choice of medical experts, and provides up to 9 times more effective absorption into the bloodstream within just seconds."

--The Physician's Desk Reference

Is the Product Convenient & Easy To Use?
The other great thing about our Spray Delivery System is that it makes the product incredibly convenient and easy to use. Two sprays under your tongue and you're done! It takes two seconds. No melting pills and capsules to carry around, no messy powders to blend, no doctor visits for don't even need a glass of water.
Manufactured with Strict Safety & Purity Standards
To ensure the highest level of quality, safety, and potency possible, your Maximum Result HGH Complex product is manufactured in compliance with strict manufacturing standards at an FDA registered and inspected lab, meticulously following every step of FDA guidelines. We use only the freshest raw ingredients available, followed by an identity and purity test of all the raw ingredients. We also utilize state of the art USP purified systems and perform batch testing to ensure purity and effectiveness before the formula ever leaves our facility. Can our competitors say the same?
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Benefits of HGH Risk Free
We take the risk for you by offering a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee - the longest money back guarantee in the industry. Nobody stands behind their product more than we do. You've got everything to gain and nothing to lose....except years!